Exercising At Home: The Best App

Exercising At Home
Exercising At Home

Everyone focuses on a better, healthy, and toned body. Regular exercise is crucial for your health. It keeps you motivated about losing weight and shaping your body.

However, if you have a sedentary lifestyle or a busy job routine, you cannot make time for exercise. Moreover, you cannot make time to go to the gym. For many people, the gym membership is not an affordable option for various reasons.

But having no time for the gym makes you idle; therefore, the best substitute for the gym is exercising at home. There are many applications that you help you facilitate with regular exercise.

Benefits of Exercise:

The type of exercise depends on your age and weight. Regular exercising helps you meet your fitness goals and provides many benefits.

  • Weight loss: Regular exercise controls and maintains a healthy weight. It prevents you from being obese.
  • Maintenance of blood sugar levels: Insulin can only work better when blood sugar levels are normal to lower. Normal blood sugar levels can be obtained through exercise.
  • Strong bones and muscles: The muscle mass and bone mineral density can be improved by daily exercise.
  • Mood & Health: Your mood has a great impact on your health. Exercising daily can improve your mood and health because of the release of chemicals in your body.

Crossfit Collective App:

Crossfit Collective
Crossfit Collective

Just as social media applications keep you socially connected with your loved ones, there are many fitness apps that keep you fit and motivated without leaving home. Crossfit Collective app is one of the best apps so far that will help you break a sweat at home. Although the gym has a plethora of exercising apparatus but trust me, this app will not disappoint you.

Usually, it is recommended to exercise for 30-45 minutes a day and four times a week. Once you start using this app, you’ll feel an obvious improvement in your body. Remaining physically active improves your sleep, boosts your immunity, and prevents any type of cancers.

If you’re a beginner and do not know where to start, the Crossfit Collective app provides you different exercises for your body. If you want to lose weight, there’s a “workouts” option, and if you want to tone up a certain area of the body, there’s an “exercises” option in the app. This app also provides you a diet plan according to your weight and height.

The common exercises in this app include:

  • Planks: Planks provide you the core strength. They’re similar to pushups, but without moving the body. The Crossfit Collective app also guides you on how to do the exercises.
  • Pushups: For building strength of the upper body, pushups are the best.
  • Squats: Squats build up the muscles of lower body, thus reducing your calories and toning your legs.
  • Glute Bridge: This exercise acts as a muscle stabilizer for strengthening your core muscles.

A lot of such exercises are available on the Crossfit Collective app. You just have to take 30 minutes out of your life and start working out.

The Crossfit Collective is available for free worldwide on Google play.



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