6 Tips To Keep Your Heart Healthy This Summer

It is a fact that 1 in 4 people die from cardiovascular diseases in the US. In summer, your heart needs extra care and wants you to keep it cool. Many heart conditions can be prevented by extra care, such as following aerobic exercise and high-intensity training can improve your overall health and prevent many potential heart-related issues.

Many people claim that they do not have enough time to exercise, but 10-15 minutes of exercise is also a way to reduce the risk of developing heart diseases, chronic joints problems, etc.

How Heat Affects the Heart?

When the air temperature is high, your heart begins to pump harder and beat fast. The heart makes such an effort to keep the temperature of your body. During such an effort, your blood circulation rises to four times more than usual. People who are already living with heart diseases are more likely to get affected. A weak or damaged heart cannot deal with such effort of blood circulation to keep your body cool and it may result in a dangerous condition.

Let’s start our journey to learn what to do for a healthy heart.

6 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Researchers from tabba heart share that having already heart disease cannot stop you from doing summer fun activities. But all you need is the precautions to keep your heart healthy in summer. It is wisdom to learn about the dangers.

What Should You Do To Avoid Heart Diseases In Summer?

  • Drink Water

In high temperatures, it is difficult to keep yourself hydrated due to heavy sweating. It can be worse if you are taking medications and have other health conditions. You should consult with your health professional about how much water you should intake during summer. Many experts believe that drinking one glass per hour is a simple way to stay hydrated. Make sure that you have a handy water bottle solution that can keep you reminded to drink water during your busy routine. During the summer season, coffee intake or tea can worsen dehydration.

  • Wear Light-Weight Dresses

Going outside? Well, experts always suggest going with lightweight and light colour dresses. Such dresses can keep your body cool. Lightweight clothes can help you breathe easier. If you have an umbrella or a hat, wear it while going outside. It will keep you protected from harmful radiations and heat waves that can increase the pump rate of your heart.

  • Limit the Intake of Sugary Products

In summer, there are a variety of fruits that are rich in vitamins and fiber. Living with heart disease is like walking on a rope in the air but also easy if you go with some precautions. A sugar diet should be replaced by a healthy diet, such as watermelon, mango, etc.

Sugar rich diet can lead to obesity issues and put you at high risk of diabetes.

  • Avoid Mid-day Sunlight Exposure

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to stay indoors during peak hours. The sun is at its strongest with high temperatures during mid-day. To combat sun heat, stay indoors and avoid going outside without wearing proper clothes.

  • Meditate Yourself

Studies have confirmed that meditation is the most crucial practice for your heart as well as your mind. During the high temperature, you need to start your daily routine with meditation. It is also a great way to deal with stress and anxiety. Calming your thoughts for only 15-20 minutes can bring incredible health benefits, especially if you have heart disease.

  • Say No to Fried Food

Your heart cannot accept the fried food, especially in the summer season. Experts believe that fried food intake can put you at high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Final Thoughts

Choose fibre-rich foods in the summer season to control your cholesterol and high blood pressure. Quality sleep also contributes to providing a healthy heart.

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