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5 Best CBD Food Pairings To Try

CBD Food Pairings
CBD Food Pairings

Preparing the perfect meal is all about finding the right combination of recipes. These recipes’ flavors and raw materials should complement each other to create a wholesome dining experience. Appropriate pairings can elevate the entire understanding and make it more memorable and drool-worthy.

The same magic extends to CBD food pairings as well. Studies show that cannabidiol expresses higher absorption when combined with certain foods. These foods improve the bioavailability of the cannabinoid apart from easing your tastebuds with a spectrum of charming flavors. It wraps the calming and soothing effects of the compound in a blanket of rich flavors that make it wonderful. So, if you are looking to create an exquisite infused meal with CBD, then here are five brilliant pairing choices you should consider.

1. Green Salad Dressing

A fresh green salad is a perfect way to begin an elaborate meal. It can enhance your appetite for the succeeding courses and leave a natural and crispy feel in your mouth. A green salad feels incomplete with a touch of delicious seasoning and dressing. The critical point is to make sure the ingredients of the mixture do not overpower the natural taste of the vegetables with its flavors and is also light and straightforward to relish.

CBD could be the best choice for it. Add CBD oil to your seasoning or dressing mixture; a hint will introduce a charming earthy flavor that pairs well with the bright greens and vegetables. You can know more about best CBD gummies and how to use it in different ways for your salad recipes to enjoy the spectacular flavors of the food.

2. Guacamole

CBD is a fat-soluble molecule and therefore, shows the best bioavailability when paired with fatty foods. So, one simple way to pair CBD with your recipe is to add it to your dips. Guacamole especially can be a wonderful choice to work with CBD. The natural taste of the compound can easily blend with the base of the dip, which is made from avocado. The texture of the two ingredients is also smooth and creamy, making it a fantastic combination.

The presence of onion, tomato, and lime further improves the taste of CBD and delivers a perfect dip you can try with anything you like, from fried vegetable nachos to simple finger foods.

3. Seafood

Seafood makes a unique and classy combination with CBD. The healthy fats elegantly carry the goodness of the cannabidiol to the body that can have impeccable benefits to the user. You can go for an entire seafood platter or other curries or sauces of your choice to enjoy this combination.

Compared to fried or sauteed seafood, CBD matches well with sauces, curries, or butter for cooking fresh fish, prawns, squid, or other foods. This type of cooking will make sure the natural potency of CBD stays intact.

Including a touch of citrus in these recipes can cancel out the overpowering aroma of fish or other seafood to subtly balance all the flavors. You can explore citrus-powered CBD tinctures or oils to create these lovely recipes effortlessly. The combination of the earthy CBD flavors with refreshing citrus can be drool-worthy. You can use this wonderful mixture as the perfect side dish for your main course rice, noodles, or bread.

4. Pasta

If you are looking for the perfect main course dish to carry the magic of CBD, then get ready to experiment with infused pasta that is creamy, tangy, and spectacularly delicious. Pasta sauces are an easy and efficient way to introduce the flavors. The critical point to keep in mind is to add the oil or tincture while the sauce is almost completely cooked to retain the potency of the cannabinoid.

Whether you choose to go the creamy way and pick a white sauce, or the tangy way and pick the red sauce, or crave a little herby freshness and go the pesto sauce way, CBD can elegantly bind with the ingredients in every case and provide you a wonderful experience overall. Pesto sauce, in particular, goes very well with CBD as the herb flavors in the mixture pair diligently with the cannabidiol to offer a wonderful recipe. You can alternatively infuse the cannabinoid in butter to achieve the perfect finish.

5. Dessert

Baked goods are the oldest infused sweet truths that have lasted the test of time to carry the cannabis goodness. Curating drool-worthy desserts with CBD infusion can be pretty fun and a fantastic way to complete the meal.

Whether you like to go for the classics like cake, brownies, or cookies, or explore some complex recipes like pie, cobbler, tiramisu, fruit salads, ice creams, you can effortlessly introduce CBD to dough, batter, or mixture and get amazing results. The sweetness of these recipes swiftly masks the bitter hints of cannabidiol tincture. It further elevates the relaxing feeling of the compound and improves your mood.

Chocolate-infused desserts can be a whole new level of CBD pairing. The creamy texture of chocolate combined with the natural fats works magically with the compound to bring a fabulous dessert experience.


Identifying the best CBD food pairings can create a wonderful meal that is delicious and beneficial. The recipes mask the intense, earthy flavors of the compound elegantly and improve the bioavailability to make the compound more advantageous to the body. So, explore these wonderful food pairing ideas for your next CBD dinner party for a fun time.

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