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Male and female athletes put in the same amount of work at the gym or on the track, but their nutritional needs are slightly different.

The vast majority of fitness-focused content—and products—are typically aimed at male athletes. At STEEL Supplements, however, it’s a top priority to provide specific nutrition for not only the particular style of exercise being completed but also differing male and female physiology.

STEEL has curated a list of Women-Friendly supplements formulated for the precise needs of female athletes. These products will deliver exactly what is needed to keep them functioning at ideal rates of performance before, during, and after every training session, no matter how intense.

Understanding Female Nutrition and Energy Needs

There are a few women-specific nutritional and energy requirements necessary to take into account [1][2][3]:

  • Protein needs for female athletes range from 1.2 to 2.0 grams per kilogram of body weight per day.
  • Female athletes are most prone to deficiencies in B-vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, and folate), Vitamin D, calcium, zinc, and iron.
  • In general, female athletes will need more sodium, potassium, water, and energy (via calories) than non-athletic females. Thankfully, a balanced diet can provide the majority of these nutrients, especially when paired with athletic supplements. For more intense training sessions, a glycogen and electrolyte replenishment formula may come in handy.
  • Female athletes, particularly those who compete in thin-build sports (such as long-distance running) or physique competitions, are at a higher risk of amenorrhea, osteoporosis, and disordered eating.

STEEL Supplements has dedicated itself to maximizing health by optimizing nutritional intake. All of their Women-Friendly supplements are formulated to provide the specific combination micro and macro compounds required to maintain and improve fitness.

STEEL’s Women-Friendly Supplements

Shredded-AF This advanced multi-stage thermogenic fat-burner is a weight loss aid and appetite suppressant, the perfect companion for a healthy diet, and a great source of all-day energy and mental clarity.

HyperAdeThis electrolyte and glycogen-replenishing formula delivers a sustained dose of quick-acting, easily digested carbohydrates and critical minerals that will keep athletes pushing harder and training longer.

ADAbolic STEEL’s capstone product, ADAbolic, is a stimulant-free peri-workout formula perfect for female endurance athletes and weight trainees who are looking for a better pump, increased muscle tone and hardness, and greatly enhanced rates of recovery.

N.O.7 This unique nitric oxide formula delivers maximum blood flow, cardiovascular capacity and output, and enhances endurance, all without causing bloating or water retention.

Charged-AFThis high-intensity, focus-boosting pre-workout supplement enhances physical and mental energy, boosts stamina, triggers stored body fat mobilization, increases pumps, and maximizing aerobic capacity—perfect for high-intensity and endurance training.

Amped-AFFor a stim-based pre-workout supplement, it’s hard to beat Amped-AF. It delivers explosive energy and longer-lasting endurance, as well as augmented strength capacity during training sessions.

PREThe combination of energy-increasing ingredients and brain-enhancing nootropics in this supplement make it ideal for women who want better focus and concentration while crushing their workouts.

Rested-AFSleep is such an important part of the recovery and muscle-building process for women, which is why STEEL created this pharmacist-formulated, scientifically designed sleep aid. Not only will it facilitate ease transitioning to sleep-state, but it leads to deeper sleep with fewer disturbances throughout the night.

Focused-AFThis is the most potent over-the-counter solution for female athletes looking for maximum, hyper-intense focus. This mental support supplement will enhance brain function, heighten the senses, and bring crystal clarity to the mind in even the most intense or stressful situations.

Pumped-AFThis is a stimulant-free pre-workout supplement formulated to maximize vasodilation, encouraging better blood flow and, skin-splitting pumps. Pumped-AF super-hydrates the muscles, reducing thermal burden and lengthening high-output athletic performance.

ATP-Fusion – This is formulated using creatine monohydrate synthesized to the precise pH balance to avoid bloat, enhance lean muscle gains, optimizes cognitive function, and provide a stimulant-free boost to training sessions.

ADALoad This advanced carbohydrate and nutrient-loading supplement supports optimized nutrient partitioning, saturating muscles with micro and macro nutrients that will maximize pumps, increase hypertrophy, and stimulate faster recovery

BCAAs – Both standard BCAAs/EAAs and plant-based, vegan-friendly BCAAs are available, providing the specific amino acids required for optimal muscle-building.  Amino acids can also be used to minimize hunger cravings, and provide a nutrient-dense, hydrating replacement for soft drinks or sugary sports drinks.

Protein Powders – A few of the protein options include Plant-Based Protein Powder, Whey-Pro protein powder, Whey Iso (protein isolate), Plant-Based Protein Pudding, Casein-Based protein-fortified pudding, — all packed with the amino acids needed for muscle building to accelerate recovery and enhance performance.

Micronutrient Supplements – STEEL’s micronutrient supplements include a highly potent and bioavailable Vitamin C, a daily multivitamin complex precisely tailored to female athletes’ needs, probiotics to improve digestive health, and a cutting-edge immune booster to fortify the body against disease and infection.

Whatever is needed—a pre-workout, post-workout, hydration booster, or a focus-enhancing nootropic—you’ll find that STEEL has options for you.

STEEL is proud to provide the best-in-industry supplements female athletes been looking for. All of their supplements are created based on extensive scientific research and undergo extensive testing for purity and effectiveness.

Take a look at the list of STEEL’s Women-Friendly Supplements to find the workout-enhancing formula needed to take every training session to the next level.

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