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Measure your heartbeat rate to keep a check on your health and maintain fitness

The heartbeat rate is also known as the pulse rate is the measurement of the number of times your heart beats in a minute. Measuring your heartbeat rate can be a valuable tool in keeping a check on your health and monitor your level of fitness. To get the most out of your exercising routines it is important that you keep track of your heartbeat rate. Also, maintaining a regular check of the heartbeat rate can help you in overcoming some of the unwanted problems like arrhythmias (irregularity in the rhythm of the heartbeat) or tachycardia (increase in the heartbeat rate).

There are four ways by which you can measure your heartbeat. The very first one is Resting Heart rate –this is the rate of your heartbeat when you are performing no physical activity. When you are at complete rest, your heart beats the minimum number of times in order to supply the lowest amount of blood to continue sustenance. The average heartbeat in the resting phase continues from 60 to 80 beats in a minute.

Maximum heart rate is the count of the heartbeat at its maximum. This rate varies from person to person depending upon age and the level of fitness. The easiest way to calculate the maximum heartbeat range subtract your age from 220 to obtain the exact count.

When it comes to heart reserve rate, it is calculated by finding out the difference between heartbeat rate at the resting phase and the maximum heartbeat count. Ideal training routine for a person is calculated by finding out the reserve heartbeat rate. The high-level athletes use this particular technique to identify their zone of expertise.

The fourth one is target heart rate which is often confused with heart reserve rate. However, both the counting is very different from each other even if they are used for a similar purpose. The target heart rate is generally found out by determining 50 – 85 percent of the maximum heart rate, which is actually the best range to burn fat from the body.

Nowadays, you can take advantage of the latest technology introduced in the market to calculate your heart beat rate. The activity tracker or commonly known as smartwatch best serve to measure the rate of your heartbeat. The smartwatches are not very expensive, occupy less space, and also are supplied with substantial battery life. Now you can wear these watches while working out and gain maximum results.

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