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A doctor was killed in the Congo amongst Ebola attacks

Appointed by the World Health Organization, Dr. Richard Valery Mouzoko Kiboung went to the Democratic Republic of the Congo a month ago. He is among the disease experts who were recruited to help the people suffering from Ebola outbreak there.

Dr. Richard Valery, an epidemiologist from Cameroon was allotted to lead the team of local response in the city of Butembo, which is considered to be one of the worst hotspots to be affected with the virus outbreak. The doctor fit in perfectly among his team members with a very jovial attitude while pushing them hard towards better productivity.

However, statements from his colleagues were gathered who said that Dr. Mouzoko was being affected by the seriousness of the epidemic virus all around. They added that since February, the Ebola responders were being severely attacked. Also, there were scenarios in which the gunmen stormed the Ebola treatment centers with three disconnected assaults. The health workers and burial team members were attacked with stones and worse when they tried entering the most affected communities of the Ebola virus.

Dr. Michel Yao is the head of WHOs on-ground operations related to the Ebola virus outbreak in the Congo. He stated that sometimes Dr. Richard would say about how afraid he was in that violent environment. He repeatedly stated about his wife and his four children back in Cameroon and how he had to be very careful in such a scenario as to return to them.

On Friday Dr. Richard Valery’s fears came into existence when two armed men broke into the meeting conducted by him. According to the witnesses, the two men took away the cell phones of the staff first and then began with the firing. In this attack, two people were injured while Dr. Mouzoko was killed.

Around 3 a.m. the next morning, another Ebola treating center was set on fire by a handful of people. This hospital was located in Katwa County. However, the police reached right on time and ceased the fire from causing great damage; also, fought the attackers off by capturing three and killing one in the encounter.

Several days have passed since the recruited doctors have faced the situation, while WHO along with the Congolese officials is still trying to figure out what is about to happen next. Dr. Yao added to his statement that they are not yet able to identify the mastermind behind the attack.

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