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Latest physical fitness army test pushes the soldiers farther than the limit

After a session of sprint-dragging, deadlift, heavy sled, and rigorous fitness training, the sweat-drenched Captain Gabriel Pszonowsky, the respected member of Ohio Army National Guard eventually realized that he just might have entered a painful fresh new territory.

Pszonowsky added that he has started to feel the pressure from the fitness regime. This thought passed through him as he managed to push via the Combat Fitness Test by the Army which has been considered to be way more demanding as opposed to the current fitness test by the army which has been prevalent for the past 40 years. Members from close to 63 battalions which mark around 50,000 soldiers are now joining Pszonowsky to practice this new set of tests to ensure proper fit. The members are expected to come through and report their leadership experience during the 6 event program to ensure that the test becomes officiated as the Army standard for October 2020.

The latest fitness standards might make it more challenging when it comes to the recruitment of qualified soldiers. Although the officers that were interviewed for the same were completely confident that most of the soldiers shall successfully pass this new test when paired with proper training and time.

The test actually reveals that the Army is very serious when it comes to changing the regular Army standard as well as for the National Guard. This will help them fight the battles that are decades ahead of time with better fitness. Major General John Harris, the adjutant general for the Ohio Army National Guard & Ohio Air National Guard stated that it’s high time that the Army becomes ready to adhere to the rigorous standards for sustained combat operations on land.

The old army test featured some familiar exercises that nearly every army personnel grew up practicing which includes 2 minutes push-ups, 2 minutes sit-ups, and lastly a 2-mile run. Now, the new fitness regime comes with higher sets of repetitions & faster run-time that yields better scores.

This new test is fairly age and gender neutral which a more complex pattern. The soldiers are expected to start with the performance of a 140 to 340 pounds deadlift depending upon the job of the soldier. They will also be required to throw 10-pound medicine ball back from one’s head to a minimum possible distance.

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