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Oxford and Yale research suggests exercise could make you happier as opposed to money

While money might be the driving force pushing you to work every day, studies suggest that something else is crucial to your pathway to happiness. Researchers at Oxford and Yale concluded that exercise is way more important to better functionality of your mental health as opposed to your economic status. In the study, the researchers found out that people who tend to exercise on a regular basis feel bad for 35 days per year as opposed to the non-active participants who felt bad 35+18 days.

The team involved in the research also noted that certain exercise and sports that involve the act of socializing tend to bring in a rather positive effect on the mental health of an individual. It is evidently clear that exercise brings in health benefits that are both mental and physical. However, this study shows that mental health is actually more crucial than your current economic status.

In this study which was published in the journal named “The Lancet”, the scientists collected some data with regards to the mental mood and physical behaviour of 1.2 Million+ Americans. The participants were told to answer a series of questions related to the study which asked about the number of days the participants felt unwell mentally with issues such as depression, stress, and emotional turmoil.

The participants also had to answer questions related to the physical activities practiced and the overall income. They were given a choice to pick from 75 physical exercises which included taking care of babies, mowing the lawn, cycling, running, weight lifting, and household activities. The scientists noted that the people who tend to exercise on a regular basis tend to feel bad only for 35 days in a year as compared to the non-active participants that felt bad for an additional 18 days.

Additionally, the researchers noted that the physically active participants felt equally good as compared to the participants that don’t practice any specific sports activity but earn around $25,000 and more per year. Essentially, you might have to make more money to get the same boosted happiness which equals daily practice of sports or physical activity.

Now, this doesn’t mean that more sport will always do you good. Exercise is evidently great for you. However, there is a limit to everything. According to this study, 3 to 5 sessions per week each lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes is good to go.

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