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Most people that die from natural causes refrain from seeking medical help

Researchers have noted that 70% of adults that died from any natural cause hadn’t seen any healthcare provider about 30 days prior to death. Scientists from the University of Texas Health Science Center located at Houston & the Harris County Institute of Forensic Science located in Texas have managed to uncover some among the crucial factors that are related to premature adult deaths. The results of this study are published in a journal named PLOS One.

According to a report compiled by CDC in the year 2016, it was noted that 2 Million+ people based in the U.S. die each year. The trending cause for death in the United States include cancer and heart disease with close to 600,000 and 635,000 deaths occurring each year respectively. Before going into the study details, it is important for one to understand what counts as natural death cause. A natural death cause is something that rules out any involvement of the external causes like murder, accident, or drug overdose.

The team involved in the study wanted to note the modifiable characteristics which could easily help healthcare providers to prevent the death cases occurring from the natural causes. In order to accomplish this, the scientists pushed their focus over 1282 adults that died in Harris County located in Texas in the year 2013. The team analyzed the autopsy reports along with the legal investigation records from death. Another study from the year 2015 noted that there was a significant rise in the all-cause death of the non-Hispanic Americans living in the 21st century.

The increase in death rates seems to be rising from alcohol poisonings and drug use along with chronic liver issues and suicide. The team also identified the common and modifiable characteristics within 2 categories that tend to be growing abundantly. This includes death from drugs and natural causes. The research uncovered that 912 cases of deaths stemmed from natural causes while 370 were from drug overdoses.

Death from natural causes includes tobacco use, alcohol use, substance use, and past history. The top reasons for death among adults were linked to digestive issues, circulatory issues, endocrine issues, and downgraded metabolic conditions. The data revealed that 50 percent of these adults do not have proper access to health care providers. They had various symptoms that started getting worse day by day and hence eventual death. The real question is why they do not seek medical help to get better and this issue requires a further survey.

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