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Studies suggest that boredom can bring your fitness regime to a standstill

Fitness regimes if not changed with the season can slow down in terms of effectiveness. If suddenly you notice that there has been no change in your fitness regardless of you spending hours in the gym, you need to ask yourself certain questions as to why this might be happening. There are many adjustments you can make to your daily fitness routine in order to ensure that everything falls in line for you.

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is if you are bored with the current fitness regime. As per research, it has been noted that boredom with your fitness regime can give birth to dissatisfaction that encourages people to find creative change into the existing fitness schedule. As humans, it is our tendency to get tired of repeating the same routine every single day. This is also applicable to exercise routines that can get boring with time unless we experiment.

As confirmed by the American Council on Exercise, when you mix up the exercise routine, you effectively increase the adherence to a workout regime that will also speed up results and thereby avoiding any plateaus. Always prevent overuse of exercises to avoid any injury. If you are someone who is suffering from joint or knee issues, you can opt to mix up your exercise routine with some low impact yoga followed by pilates classes.

Additionally, you can also go for a fitness group where you work alongside various people that will help amp up the energy in the room and avoid boredom when you work with a group with similar goals. You can also try and switch your routine from morning exercises to evening. Say you go to morning yoga/gym classes every day, you can alternate the same with evening classes to keep the enthusiasm up and running.

Now, music could also be a driving force when it comes to maintaining an upbeat fitness regime. However, listening to the same playlist day in and day out could actually be very boring. This is why you need to switch your playlist every few days or keep at least 2-3 such collection handy to opt for when you are bored. Try and change the location for the workout as well. Say if you workout 5 days a week, plan one in your local garden or go for a walk, hike, or try aerobic exercises at home with families such as dancing or Zumba.

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