Vikki Lenola Is Making Being Vegan Hot

Vikki Lenola Vegan
Vikki Lenola Vegan

Vikki Lenola is no stranger to the world of veganism, activism, and modeling. As a woman of great influence, Lenola has over half a million followers on Social Media. Instead of uploading selfies like many Instagram users, she prefers to use her platform for great causes. In particular, she likes to promote her vegan lifestyle, condemns animal exploitation, and has even gone nude for PETA on more than one occasion! When she isn’t campaigning for animal rights or promoting veganism, Lenola is usually gallivanting around the world as an Internationally published model. She has been featured in many magazines internationally, including Maxim, FHM, and the highly coveted cover of Playboy.

Vikki Lenola Vegan
Vikki Lenola Making Being Vegan Hot

In an article in The Economist published in 2019, they named 2020 “The Year of the Vegan.” With women of mass influence including Miley Cyrus, Natalie Portman, Olivia Wilde, and Alicia Silverstone popularizing veganism, the movement is now considered “mainstream.” It has helped push millions of people around the world to follow suit.

Vikki credits her vegan lifestyle for her enviable figure and mental clarity. As she juggles completing her university degree with her other time-consuming endeavors, she requires focus and energy to balance her busy lifestyle. Speaking to us, she stated, “Before I went vegan, I started by doing meatless Mondays. I discovered so many yummy foods available. It just felt ridiculous to hurt an animal when I don’t have to.” This helped Lenola transition more easily than expected.

Vikki Lenola Vegan
One of Lenola’s favorite recipes

While in quarantine, Lenola has been cooking up a storm, posting delicious vegan recipes and meals for her fans to drool over. She has said that she makes do with what she has in the kitchen but is inspired by accounts that create beautiful photos of plant-based foods. “I like to look at vegan food porn!”, she says. Some of her recommended food accounts include @avantgardevegan, @elavegan,, @ethicallyenhanced, @chocolatecoveredkatie, @plantfullybased and @plantyou.

You can follow Vikki on Instagram @Vikkilenola.

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