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Study says people are fooling themselves about sleeping habit

This Tuesday in a journal a study was published concerning the sleeping habit of people in the country. According to the NYU Langone’s Health School of Medicine, there are many notions spread about the sleeping patterns of the adults which are probably causing serious health issues.

A professor in the Population Health Department said that many people believe that it was enough to have less than five hours of sleep to function properly throughout the day. The people also do believe that less than five hours of sleep can keep them healthy, mentally strong and even lead a lifestyle that they would enjoy. Nevertheless, every person requires at least 7 to 10 hours of sleep during the night to lead a healthy life. But according to the researches done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention one-third of the American citizens are sleep deprived. In the World Sleep Day Statistics, it shows that 45-percent of people all over the world are being threatened by health issues due to sleep deprivation.

Falling asleep anywhere at any time is not a sign of a healthy body. The people who tend to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere aren’t well rested and their body is taking micro-sleep episodes to fulfill the debts of sleep deprivation. Doctors say that the longer you try avoiding sleep or the longer you stay awake you are increasing the level of adenosine in your body and thereby increasing the sleep debt or sleep load.

The citizens of the US and all over the world tend to believe that their body and brain eventually adapts to function adequately even with very low sleep; this is no way is true. Your body needs to complete four sleep cycles and it requires a minimum of 7 hours of well-rested mind for that. When you are in deep sleep the growth hormones are being released in your body and thereby further promoting the processing of your memories. Also, it is very important to have deeper stages of sleep for the repairing of the torn muscles, restoring the immune system and the generation of the neurons. When a person is awakened from deep sleep mental activity is affected for almost 30 minutes and the person tends to feel groggy and fatigued.

Many people do think that snoring is though annoying yet harmless. But according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute snoring is one of the major signs of sleep apnea.

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