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Elbow Pain
Elbow Pain

Since 1997, hand doctors, wrist doctors, and elbow doctors are chiropractors who have received a thorough medical education. They also have passed their state’s licensure examination, undergo a month of additional training with an orthopedic specialist, and study additional medical texts related to specific diseases, injuries, and symptoms. These hand doctors, wrist doctors, and elbow doctors come from different backgrounds and have varying expertise. So their work is varied, so to speak, in different ways, but each of them has spent years studying the effects of their work on patients and learning how to minimize pain in specific situations.

For patients with hand, wrist, and elbow pain, hand doctors, wrist doctors, and elbow doctors provide the best answers for relieving pain. Hand doctors treat different types of hand and wrist pain, wrist doctors treat different types of wrist pain, and elbow doctors treat different types of elbow pain.

Who can get hand doctors, wrist doctors, and elbow doctors?

These doctors treat patients of all ages who experience pain in specific parts of their bodies. Their main focus is to help their patients get pain-free, healthy lives. Hand doctors work with patients who have orthopedic, ear, eye, and eye-muscle problems, wrist doctors treat patients with hand and wrist pain, and elbow doctors work with patients who have elbow pain.

Some hand doctors specialize in finding the cause of arm pain. For instance, some cases are indicative of a certain type of injury or degeneration in the wrist or elbow joints.

This method is considered more challenging than treatment by other hand doctors because the surgeon has to identify the exact location of the pain on the hand or arm and prescribe specific treatment for each area.

Wrist Doctors

A wrist doctor specializes in finding and treating disorders that affect the wrist and wrist joints. For instance, a wrist doctor might find a fracture in a wrist when a patient is having wrist pain and wrist movement problems.

Hand Doctors

A hand doctor focuses mainly on treating the hand or the wrist. Some diseases of the hand require treatment by a hand doctor.

There are five common types of hand diseases:

  • Arthritis.
  • Growth disorders.
  • Arthritis of the hand and wrist.
  • Fractures.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease of the joints that involves a malfunctioning immune system. Arthritis is generally the result of a slight change in the body’s tissue that changes the way the body functions. Arthritis can be persistent, chronic, or intermittent.

In general, hand doctors diagnose and treat hand problems by examining patients and diagnosing the disease or condition of the hand or wrist that is causing the pain.

Some examples of hand problems include arthritis, neuritis, tendon rupture, diabetic ulcers, injuries to the hand or wrist, and sprains.

Wrist Doctors

A wrist doctor focuses primarily on treating disorders that affect the wrist and wrist joints. Some diseases of the wrist require treatment by a wrist doctor. These diseases can cause chronic pain, wrist and arm swelling, decreased joint flexibility, joint pain, wrist deformities, and fractures.

Examples of wrist disorders include pain in the wrist or fingers. Some cases of wrist pain are caused by a simple break or sprain. For instance, there are instances of wrist fractures from contact sports such as baseball, football, soccer, and tennis. There is also a history of wrist fracture or injury in patients who have participated in the same sports for many years.

Arthritis is commonly the result of a relatively recent change in the tissue. Arthritis of the wrist and wrist usually results from either genetics or a person carrying certain genetic mutations. In general, a wrist disorder is caused by inflammation of the joint.

Fractures of the wrist and fingers are not the result of damage or trauma, but rather a breakdown in the bone structure due to rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis of the wrist can cause frequent pain, tenderness, and stiffness in the wrist. Arthritis of the wrist can also cause the fingers to curl in and out of the hand or the wrist to bend and flex.

It is difficult to say whether a particular type of specialist will treat your hand problems more effectively than another type. There are several different kinds of specialists in different areas. However, some hand doctors may have more extensive experience in the field than others. They may have experience treating more types of hand problems than others and have done more research on specific diseases or conditions of the hand and wrist. Hand doctors also work with a wide variety of different health care professionals such as physicians, orthopedic surgeons, and other specialists.

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