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How to Choose the Best Starter Chicken Feed

Chicken Feed
Chicken Feed

By choosing the right starter chicken feed, you can develop healthy digestive systems for your chickens.  A healthy digestive system is significantly important for the growth of a healthy chicken. It helps in the absorption of essential nutrients as well as strengthens its immunity system. Hence in this post, we are going to talk about how you can choose the right starter chicken feed for your chicks.

Importance of a Right Starter Chicken Feed

Chicks require a different type of feed which is different from the adult layer feed. A proper starter chicken feed comprises 20 % protein in comparison to an adult layer feed which contains 16 % to 18% of a layer ration. Since chicks grow quite rapidly, they need a good amount of protein in order to support their bodies.

Also, when chicks are growing, they require a certain amount of vitamins and minerals, which is not found in the feed for adult hens. We suggest you get a proper starter chicken feed for your chicks which comprises the right amount of nutrient requirements. When your chick is about 16 weeks, you can switch it from the starter to a layer diet.

Check these essential nutrients for a Starter Chicken Feed

  • Gut Microflora

Check for the presence of gut bacteria in the starter feed you buy for your chicks. This is important as when chicks hatch, they do not have any gut bacteria, and since they are not being reared by their mother hens, they would develop an inferior digestive system; hence it is important that you feed them a proper starter chicken feed which consists of gut microflora.

  • Fungal Components

Fungal components, also known as yeast fermentation, these additives are generally made up of compounds that are produced by the fermentation of a dietary yeast. This is important as when such fungal components are added to the chicken’s gut, it develops and supports its immune system.

  • Probiotics

These are live microorganisms that help in digestion, support the existence of the beneficial bacteria and protect them against the harmful bacteria. It also prevents them from getting diarrhea and help in better absorption of nutrients. Following are some probiotics that you can find on the label of a premium tarter chicken feed.

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus: This generally helps to ferment the carbohydrates in the feed and produces compounds that are important to support their growth and prevent harmful microorganisms.
  • Bifidobacterium thermophilum: This helps in fermenting carbohydrates in the feed, thereby benefitting the immune system

Apart from this, you can also find other probiotics which generally induce the growth of the chicken.

  • Prebiotics

Prebiotics are the preparatory stage for probiotics and helps probiotics to perform their activities effectively. It works as good bacteria, thereby enhancing their growth and develops the ability of the chicken to prevent harmful bacteria.

Summing Up

These are some essential elements you must check before you get a starter chicken feed. Make sure you also follow a proper feeding routine for them, thereby rearing healthy chickens.

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