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Boston Scientific being sued by 100,000 women for painful gynaecological mesh

The medical industry in the recent has been talking about a controversy related to the surgical device that has been implanted in 2 Million+ women in America. This plastic strip, known as the gynaecological mesh has led to 100,000+ women suing the manufacturers. According to medical societies and manufacturers, the implants are completely safe. This makes up for one of the largest litigation in a multi-district since the asbestos case.

One among the largest gynaecological mesh manufacturer is the Boston Scientific which is a maker of a medical device with close to $9 Billion sales. Several patients in the U.S. benefit from the Stents, Pacemakers, and similar devices. However, Boston Scientific recently attracted close to 48,000 lawsuits that claimed that the mesh can actually inflict injury and pain that might be life-altering. Surgeons tend to use this Boston Scientific Gynecological Mesh in the form of a sling that relieves urinary incontinence and helps lift up the organs that tend to shift post pregnancy.

One such patient Gwyn Madsen opted for the Boston Scientific Implant in the year 2012. She mentioned that the thing felt similar to a cheese grater fixed inside her. Similar to the 1000s of others who filed a suit, she mentioned that she also suffered from pain that didn’t allow her to be able to play or sit with her kids. Madsen mentioned that it seemed like material was being pulled from her muscles and she experienced shooting pains. She also added that it was something like sandpaper continuously rubbing inside of her every time she walked.

For years, Boston Scientific fought off allegations similar to Gwyn Madsen. They mentioned that close to 1 million women were successfully treated with the use of this mesh. Not just that, the mesh has been tested extensively to confirm the composition, performance, and safety. According to a statement provided by the American Urogynecological Society, the plastic mesh has been deemed effective and safe. However, this isn’t what doctors are saying. As stated by Dr. Michael Margolis, this mesh causes chronic inflammation.

Margolis is a doctor/surgeon who successfully removes around 350 such mesh implants. He has also stood as a witness in this particular lawsuit against the Boston Scientific. He added that the slings he has removed have been substantially altered in terms of architecture. In terms of width, these meshes have been shrunk by a mark of 50 percent and they had been encased inside the scar tissues.


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