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A Brief Review of Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies

Balance of Nature
Balance of Nature

Balance of Nature is a brand of whole food supplements that has been operating for more than twenty years. Their basic premise is pretty simple. Their fruit capsules and veggie capsules take whole fruits and whole vegetables and grind them into powder, then put that powder into capsules.

This might actually sound confusing, but the science turns out to be surprisingly simple. Founded by Dr. Douglas Howard, who first formulated the fruit and veggie blends still used today, Balance of Nature has been using real food, real science, and real nutrition to help their customers.

How do they make it?

First, they source fresh produce. Rather than buy produce picked before peak ripeness like grocery stores who let it ripen during transport, Balance of Nature only gets vine-ripened fruits and vegetables. Once ripe, they are picked and go through a freeze-drying process to preserve the food.

Next, they take the freeze-dried food and pulverize it in special machines that turn it into powder. Then they mix those powders in specific ratios to form their blends.

Those blends are encapsulated, bottled, and shipped out. Balance of Nature has created a helpful video to illustrate this process.

Does it work?

If you’ve heard their radio ads, you’ve probably heard several testimonial reviews. While some of these stories seem a little over the top, it does appear that customers are pretty satisfied with the products. They use Trust Pilot to collect reviews, and most of these are very positive.

I’ve been trying Balance of Nature for only a little while, but I feel like there’s been a difference for me. I noticed a little more energy, clarity, and focus. I’ve felt a little more alert overall.

Could that happen by just eating fruits and vegetables? I’m sure similar results could be had. But all Balance of Nature is inside those capsules is fruits and vegetables, so it’s just an easier way to get that important nutrition.

Any side effects?

Given that the capsules simply contain fruits and vegetables, it’s hard to imagine any side effects or potential overdosing. Can you eat too many fruits and veggies?

I haven’t experienced any side effects personally, and they don’t list any on their website, so there aren’t any documented side effects to report on. Still, whenever you make any changes to your diet, there is potential for side effects.

It’s hard to categorize taking a supplement as changing your diet, but since Balance of Nature is just straight fruits and vegetables, that’s what you have to call it. But if you experience side effects, they will generally be stomach-related discomfort.

Is Balance of Nature worth it?

Buying Balance of Nature is not cheap. However, if you work at the math a bit, the cost is pretty affordable.

On their bottles, they recommend a serving size as being 3 fruit capsules and 3 veggie capsules. This is supposed to be the nutritional equivalent of 10 servings of fruits and vegetables.

That would mean a set contains 30 servings of capsules or 300 servings of fruits and vegetables. That would make the cost per serving of fruits and vegetables around 30 cents.

Shopping at the grocery store would cost a lot more than that. Plus with whole fruits and veggies, you’re also getting mostly water. With Balance of Nature, the water has been removed through freeze-drying, so you’re only getting the potent nutrition.

That makes it well worth it, and you can easily order Balance of Nature on Amazon.


Balance of Nature is one of many supplement brands promising to deliver natural, whole food nutrition in a capsule. While it might sound like a scam to think of fruits and vegetables in pills, they have figured out a way to actually do it.

It’s hard to say if their capsules can or should replace whole fruits and veggies in your diet, but it sure beats buying a ton of produce, trying to store it without spoiling, and finding the time to cook it all.

The science on plant-based diets is pretty strong, so there’s definitely something to say about eating more fruits and vegetables. I recommend using this supplement as exactly that- a supplement to a diet already rich in whole fruits and vegetables.

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